So, it turns out I need knee surgery. I injured my knee a few years ago attempting to be an athlete, and I never got it looked at. When it started occasionally flaring up with pain, my GP told me I probably had mild arthritis. So, I’ve just gone on as usual with an extra sore knee when it rains.

But right before the big blizzard a couple of weeks ago, the knee pain came back. It never left. It just got worse and worse, a massage didn’t help, and after a couple of weeks I was in so much pain. I finally saw an orthopedic surgeon this week, and he thinks I tore all the cartilage in that knee. He’s got to get in there and scrape out the debris. I have to have an MRI first to confirm, but Fun!

Then yesterday, I stabbed that entire little arrow-shaped blade into my finger. What is it with me and fingers? At least this was on a different hand for a change.

I’m tired, and things hurt. This is not a good sign heading into my birthday week,