I have a snow day tomorrow for my birthday! I got the call a couple of hours ago, and that is the one great trade-off for having my birthday party canceled on Saturday because of snow. But those festivities have been rescheduled for the 27th, so it’s all good.

More than the snow day, what really made my day this afternoon were these birthday cards that 2 of my 4th grade girls made for me. Their class had a Game Day today, and this is what they decided to do with their free time in class.


They kept asking me questions, like the name of my favorite book, my favorite colors, how to spell “librarian.” So I knew they were up to something, but it still made my day.  Apparently I am “Queen Mrs. Reeve.”


I love these cards, they’re going on my mantel with the other birthday cards I got this year. And I’m saving them forever, I love them.