We’re back from the sheep shearing festival, which was excellent. I’ll post more on that tomorrow, but I will say there were 2 disappointments in a sea of happiness. 1-There was no actual pig roast, they just had trays of meat for sandwiches and stuff. 2-I couldn’t buy any yarn that had spun from their wool. It was just a demonstration, and I’d hoped she made yarn for them all the time and would have some pre-spun and -dyed stuff for sale while she showed us the tricks. Otherwise, I had a blast.

Bunting on Annie's houseHere’s my bunting up on Annie’s porch. The judging took place this morning, she’ll find out tomorrow if she won. Annie told me the bunting was the first thing people commented on, and it’s just the right size for the porch. So I’m thrilled I was able to make that for her, and I think it looks really cute hung up. Her house is incredibly pink right now, there are pink flamingoes everywhere. I’m happy to have made my contribution.

Now I’m in redecorating mode, and I’m hunting around online for ideas. There are three rooms we’re making progress in all at the same time: the upstairs bathroom, the dining room, and the library. I’m trying to focus on one room at a time, which is really difficult. We bought the paint for the bathroom, so I’m starting there. It will be Benjamin Moore Banana Yellow, and I’m foraging for other items so I can put a color scheme together. Orange and red seem to easy, I’m thinking about turquoise and white, or even hot pink. There are just too many colors.