Yesterday I went and picked up my birthday present, a few days early:

Pennington Quilt Works was having a sale on their floor model and trade-in machines, and this Bernina QE440 was in perfect shape and super cheap (for a Bernina). I went and picked it up yesterday, and I’m in love with it. Getting this machine means no Creative Estates in April and no ALA conference in June, but it’s worth it to me. It really is such a great piece of engineering, and I finally get to work on a full size machine.

I love my Janome, but it’s a 3/4 size machine. You can see the difference, it’s been an experience working on big projects with it. I’m keeping the Janome for travel and classes (that Bernina weighs a ton).

That’s also an Ott Lite behind the Bernina. Another birthday present from my mom and my brother, I finally have good lighting at my work table! I spent the morning today moving things around and setting up my new toys. I’m so happy.