Since I don’t need to dress for my teaching job anymore, I’ve ended up with a hodgepodge of new t-shirts and other casual paraphernalia. First, I got a pair of Bean boots. Which are actually amazing for snow and for trudging behind horses during H’s equine PT. I had no idea there was a cult around these shoes, and that you have to order them waaay in advance because they take weeks and sometimes sell out for the season. I ordered mine back in October, they were here in plenty of time for snow.


My new librarian jersey, for days with #sports. This is my team!


Also, my Super Librarian tee.


Yet another book-themed shirt. But also, how awesome is that seam ripper shirt from Stately Type. #girlboss


Then, I’ve been getting in to nail decals. I’m too antsy to sit still for manicures these days, and they cost a fortune over time. I’m a nail biter unless my nails are done, and I have shaky hands for painting themselves. So, decals! These blue ones are from Jamberry, I stocked up before the holidays.


And then these! I also stocked up on decals from Espionage Cosmetics. These were literary decals in their discontinued sale before the holidays. I bought like 3 sets! My nails are so short and stubby, but these work for me. I don’t have to have serious hands for work anymore, and I’m not damaging them hauling books.