I’ve been so sick this week and out of commission since Monday afternoon. I felt somehow inundated and not-quite-myself at work on Monday, which was supposed to be the kickoff to Read Across America at school. We had a delayed opening because of snow and ice, and the day’s events were rescheduled…to Wednesday, when I was home sick with the stomach flu.

We did make Cat in the Hat hats at school on Monday; I love those. And I read a lot of Dr. Seuss. But almost as soon as I got home I started to feel unwell, and it just went downhill from there. Way worse than the bug I had in January. Now it’s Thursday, and I’m just started to come out of it.

And, we’ve had another blizzard. We’reĀ havingĀ a blizzard, it’s been snowing since before I woke up this morning. Snow day for H, I was already off today. We’ve watched a lot of movies and done a lot of snow play, and now I’m trying to reconnect with the person I was 3 days and 9 pounds ago.

February was brutal because of the weather, which feels almost ridiculous to say now that I’m sitting here in March in a blizzard. But, I turned 36! That was exciting. I also started a new hair experiment. I’m trying to cut back on my hair spending, which is getting a little obscene, so I’ve traded in my 10-year relationship with salon products for stuff I can buy at Target and Ulta. And Amazon! Long live Prime.

So I’ve been testing out all kinds of potions on my head, and overall…my hair hasn’t looked this fly in an age. I’m still experimenting, but I like this new strategy. I shall write about it someday.

That is…all I’ve got this evening. I’ve been chasing H all over as she attempts to decorate the furniture, and I’ve got to start thinking about eating real food again. Also, thinking still makes me tired. I’ll be back soon.