Last week was an absolute BEAR. I came home Monday from work and got sick, and I stayed sick through Friday night. In between bouts of thinking I was better before getting sick again, we had a blizzard. And H and I played in the snow. AND, for the umpteenth time this winter, we snow painted. Which was so incredibly good for my soul.

Snow painting is literally just taking water and food coloring and putting it into squeeze bottles.

snow painting

And then we go outside and decorate the yard. I just thought to do this about a month ago, but now H asks for snow paint all the time. We’ve done this several times. When the snow is almost melted, we’ve been out.

snow painting 2

snow painting 3

Even when it’s so warm we don’t need hats and mittens.

snow painting 4


Truthfully, I do most of the painting. H drizzles and runs around, but she wasn’t a huge fan of snow before we started doing this. It’s actually been a great sensory activity to get her excited about the snow. Sledding and making snow angels just weren’t getting her excited.

Snow paint, though.



So when it snowed like crazy last Thursday, she played with the colors a little but really just wanted to roll around in wintry blankets.

snow paint 7

snow painting 8

The snow is melting really fast now that it’s suddenly 56 degrees out, but it was a great winter of art while it lasted.

snow paint 6

snow paint 9