So, our “baby” is three. I don’t know how that happened, but it has been much stranger for me to see her turn 3 than it was for 2 or even 1. Three is such a big deal. She’s officially outgrown baby toys and now qualifies for anything that’s “Age 3+” (even though she’s already been playing with some older things for a while). She’s moving from a toddler to a preschooler.

There’s also the bittersweet side of things because of H’s speech and motor planning delays. Three is a big age for just being able to do things, independently, and the gap between her and her peers starts to get a little wider as she works to catch up while they bound ahead. She’s got some work ahead of her, but she is so up for it. Seriously, this kid is the most confident and happy little person I’ve ever met. And obviously I’m not just saying that because I’m her mom.

I’m not a big fan of putting her developmental issues on the internet. I’ll happily talk about our adventures and parenthood and her general awesomeness (or mischievousness). I’ve briefly talked about some things, like her feeding therapy (hopefully to end by summer!). But some things feel like they belong to her and aren’t really mine to share. And the delays don’t define her.

But now that she’s 3, her dyspraxia and especially her apraxia are becoming a bit of a Big Deal. She is a crazy smart and glorious little person, but I want to acknowledge there is another layer to this latest birthday. Because it’s the truth, and kids can be awesome and amazing and happy and also have some hurdles to get over.  I think it’s important to mark the hurdles as well as the milestones, because when she hits the milestones it is just that much sweeter.

And that’s all I’ll say about that.


H’s birthday was on Sunday, and we took her to Jenkinson’s Aquarium. She was so insanely excited to be there, she loves marine life. She just ran around the place, jumping up and down in front of every tank and yelling, “WHOA! WOW! LOOK!”

H's 3rd birthday 2

She loved the sharks, she obviously loved the clown fish. And also the penguins.

H's 3rd birthday 3

My mom came over after we got home to open presents. Miss H got a ton of Mini Boden outfits this year (that dress she’s sporting is a brand new one from her Grandma Joyce and Granddad John in England).

H's 3rd birthday 4

We gave her a stuffed Dug the dog from the movie Up that Adam found in the city. I have looked for a Dug forever, she is in love with him. And that present was a huge hit, she takes him everywhere.

I made yet another rainbow cake, and then she didn’t want to eat it! She ate the scraps while I was decorating it, but I think she was suspicious of the frosting. She knows I try to sneak vegetables and new things into most of what I make for her, and while she couldn’t resist purple cake she could resist mystery frosting.

H's 3rd birthday 8

H's 3rd birthday 5

H's 3rd birthday 6

We’re having a cupcake party for her this weekend with her friends, so I’m hoping she’ll be a little more excited about the cupcakes. And next year I have to remember that maybe cupcakes, or a simple chocolate cake, are perfectly acceptable. Or, I just need to make more frosted cakes between now and then so she knows I’m not plotting a veggie ambush.

Adam, my mom, and I had no problem eating the cake.

H's 3rd birthday 7THREE. How?!