I debated posting this cake today because I’ve got such a backlog of recipes to blog about that next week I’m doing another Recipe-A-Day Week. So it felt weird to post this today since I will be talking a lot about food soon, but I couldn’t resist. I’m so proud of this cake!

Adam just finished a huge project at work, and the division he’s in goes by the acronym TIGR. So, I wanted to send him to work today with baked goods for his team to celebrate. The sheet cake and frosting recipes are nothing new, but I love how the tiger stripes came out.

Once the cake cooled I drew the outline of black stripes with chocolate frosting in a piping bag,

then went back, filled them in, and evened them out.

Then I did the same thing with the vanilla frosting, which I obviously dyed orange.

Hope is team enjoys it, they’ve been working so hard.