first cake class cake

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I have decorated my first cake for this class. Okay, so I cheated and bought the cake AND the frosting in a frantic rush on my way to class last night, but the idea for the design and the execution are all me.

I was going to bake a cake, really I was. But since I was so booked on Tuesday, and I had planned on hanging out with my mom yesterday, I decided to just buy one.

I was going to make the frosting, really I was. But when I opened my cupboards yesterday about an hour before class started, I found that my Crisco had expired in 2007. In all the kitchen reorganizing I did after my new pot rack went up I couldn’t actually find my food coloring for a good part of that hour. And apparently I needed merengue powder for this recipe, which I completely forgot to buy. So, I bought the Wilton ready-made icing when I got to class. I found my food coloring with about 5 minutes to spare and made it to class in one piece.

Last week all the other ladies said they were so not going to bake cakes for this week, and they were all going to buy the frosting. This week I show up, and guess who’s the only one with a store bought cake? Guess how many ladies actually made the frosting? Yep.

practice boardBut I did have the only chocolate frosted cake, and when I saw this at the grocery store next to the AC Moore where my class is held, I thought it was crying out for a smiley face. And since I’ve been feeling pretty sorry for myself after the beating my legs took with this week’s shenanigans, I needed a smiley face, too. I bought a round cookie cutter to give me an outline, and I did everything else freestyle. I could do this on a cake because I practiced on that fancy board in the second photo.

Next week I will bake a cake and make my own frosting. Really.