cake class 1, week 1Last night was the first session, and our extremely patient and sweet teacher (some of my classmates would NOT stop talking while she was talking) showed us how to properly ice a cake. This is worth the $30 class fee right there to me. I know, $30! It’s a steal, AC Moore classes are great. This is my first one, and so far I’m not disappointed. It would seem the biggest problem with my frosting skills is that I need to be using about twice as much frosting as I was previously using. And I need to cut the dome off so the cake is level.

It’s a Wilton class, so the recipes for frosting are in the Wilton book we have for the class. We tried it last night, and I’m still not a fan of frosting with shortening instead of butter. Tastes like wax. So for next week I need to bring a cake already baked and frosted, ready to be decorated with fanciness. I’m going to use a frosting recipe I already know and like to ice the cake, and I’ll make a little of both icings to try out the decorating with. Apparenty the shortening makes the decorations stay together better than butter, which gets soft quickly. But I want to see how different it is. It’s not worth having a beautiful cake if it tastes horrible.