Adam’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and H was a huge help making his birthday cake. Every year I make a roast chicken dinner for him and bake a three-tiered devil’s food cake with vanilla buttercream. This year H helped with the cake. Baking with her always requires a little project management, but baking a three-tiered cake required a little more.

how to bake 2

First, try to get her to help sift the flour.

how to bake 3

Then accept that she would rather stick her hands in the flour stream.

how to bake 4

Let her try to use the measuring spoons.

how to bake 5

Then just let her get her hands dirty.

how to bake 6

Teach her about packing brown sugar.

how to bake 7

Accept the mess left afterwards. And the fact that as soon as the mixer comes on, she will abandon the project to get away from the noise.

how to bake 8

Eat the cake.