I really don’t know what to say for myself here. I only remembered to take these photos for 2/3 of the month, and I wore completely identical outfits three times. This should give you some indication of the kind of month November has been.

Everyone was sick. I took my first sick day of the year on Monday the 3rd, and H and Adam fought things off most of the month as well. H is still on antibiotics for an ear infection, and she was out of school all of Thanksgiving week.

On top of everyone getting sick, it’s just been busy. We prepped to host Thanksgiving, we redecorated our living room (more on that later). As of yesterday we even had the Christmas lights up and the tree decorated. I’ve been working furiously on two quilts, and I have a giant magazine feature due in exactly ten days that officially has me losing sleep. I think I saw a new gray hair last night that was directly related to this article.

This was the month where it kind of hit me that I hadn’t really seen any friends since school started. That wasn’t on purpose; I just did not register how much time had passed so quickly, and juggling so many things, until Thanksgiving arrived. I’m trying to slow down a little and not let the end of 2014 disappear in a cloud of busy.

But, I still have this deadline looming. I should probably be working on that article right now instead of posting about outfits. Priorities, apparently.