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I am really late with this one. This spring has been crazy with knee surgery, our UK trip, and Adam switching jobs. So much good stuff, lots of stress, mountains of laundry to do.

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On our last full day in the UK, we headed to Chatsworth. I’ve been before, but it was on my very first trip to England back in 2004. It was a lot different than I remembered.

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Other posts on this trip: Legoland Windsor, Liberty of London!, And All the Rest of Southern England

After the three of us left Southern England, we spent Mon-Fri at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest. It was a nice break in the trip. We were happy and busy with grandparents at the beginning and end of our two weeks, and this break in the middle was a chance to spend time away just the three of us before setting off for more extended family adventures.

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Other posts on this trip: Legoland Windsor, Liberty of London!

We were in the UK for two weeks, and we divided the trip into thirds: a third in Southern England with one set of family, a third just the three of us at a Center Parcs resort, and a third in Northern England with our other set of family. And we packed in the activities as soon as we landed. Legoland, London. This is everything else we did during our first third. Fancy dinner! Fabric shopping! A model village!

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On the first leg of our UK trip, we were staying outside of London with one set of my in-laws. So we did Legoland, then the next day we went into London. Fish and chips for lunch! Savile Row!

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We just got home the other day from two weeks in the UK. We spent some time visiting my in-laws and hanging out as a family in various spots around England. Our first big outing was to Legoland, a first for H. She loved it, we had a blast running around Windsor! You could see the castle in the distance and everything.

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I’m finally posting my photos from our European trip last month. We weren’t in the UK for very long; we stayed overnight Saturday at my father- and stepmother-in-law’s house and had a birthday dinner for Adam’s younger brother. Then the next day we had lunch with Adam’s older brother and his family (including H’s two amazing cousins, Cleo and Livi). Then we set out for Dover to take the ferry to France with my mother- and stepfather-in-law.

We stayed overnight Sunday in Dover so we could climb up to the White Cliffs.

dovercliffsThey are white and cliffy. The view from the ferry was better, but I was too busy chasing a toddler around a moving ship to take photos. It’s beautiful countryside up there.

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Okay, this is the last of my posts on our 2 weeks of adventure introducing H to all of England. After we left Stonehenge it was time for a wedding! I’m not going to post a lot of photos from the wedding since it was Morgan and Katie’s own wonderful, beautiful day to share. But we do need to take a moment for H’s wedding outfit.

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Other posts on this trip: Manchester and Blackburn, Derbyshire, Sheffield, The Bakewell Show.

We left Cora and Ian in Derbyshire on the evening of August 1st, a day before Ian’s birthday and after our afternoon at the Bakewell Show. Adam and I wanted to spend a day on our own, just the three of us, recharging a little and giving H some quiet time in between lots of meet and greets with all the family. After this break we were headed to London for Morgan and Katie’s wedding, a family reunion, and a few days with Adam’s dad and stepmom. So it was a great break in the middle of a great trip.

We made our way from Derbyshire down to the west coast of England, near Wales, to stay for 2 nights in Bristol. We got there around midnight, after spending about an hour trying to figure out which road would actually let us get to the hotel (lots of one ways and detours in Bristol). So it didn’t leave us any time for exploring Bristol that night, but we were up bright and early the next day to head to nearby Bath.

I really wanted to go to Bath because the Jane Austen Centre is there.

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Other posts on this trip: Manchester and Blackburn, Derbyshire, Sheffield.

So the last day of our time with Cora and Ian was spent at the Bakewell Show. I don’t think Cora liked it very much, but I thought it was pretty awesome. I even bought a Union Jack umbrella for five quid that I had a great time getting into the luggage home. It’s now slightly bent, but it works!

We were greeted by local schoolgirls selling programmes (practicing my English spellings).

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