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After the three of us left Southern England, we spent Mon-Fri at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest. It was a nice break in the trip. We were happy and busy with grandparents at the beginning and end of our two weeks, and this break in the middle was a chance to spend time away just the three of us before setting off for more extended family adventures.

center parcs 6

We had a great little cottage, with a backyard full of geese and rabbits.

center parcs 2

Because of my knee surgery and my cane (an upgrade from the crutches!), we decided the resort was too big for me to do on foot. Adam rented a bike with a kid cart on the back for H to ride in, which she loved. I spent the week on this scooter, going 9 miles an hour with the wind in my hair.

center parcs 5

Cosmic bowling, which was not H’s favorite in the end. Too loud.

center parcs 4

We spent a ton of time at the indoor pool complex, which was so much fun. And H and I got to sport our new matching Marimekko for Target swimsuits. <3

center parcs 3

When Adam took H down the bigger waterslides, I stayed at the cafe with berry cider and food. Like mac ‘n cheese.

center parcs 7

We signed up for a few activities, like pony rides. Playing with owls was my favorite. H loved them.

center parcs 8

She even got to hold one on her arm.

center parcs 9

She gave this eagle owl a big hug. She wanted to hug all the owls, but he was the only one big enough (and calm enough!) for her to try. He was amazing, and so incredibly beautiful.

center parcs 15

We also signed up for archery. Which was surreal, but she wasn’t too bad with the bow and arrow. If she had a little help.

center parcs 11

She did it! The Robin Hood hat, I just can’t.

center parcs 14

Even on the rainy days we had a great time walking around.

center parcs 10

Adam and I actually had our 9th wedding anniversary while we were in Center Parcs. I spent the morning at the spa.

center parcs 12

Then we split this enormous steak for dinner. I did not make a dent in my half.

center parcs 13

The best anniversary companion.

That was our last night there, then it was time to check out and head further north.