My computer’s network adapter was fried earlier this week during one of the endless thunderstorms we’ve had here at The Shore, so I am only now posting about my wedding anniversary last weekend.

We were married on May 19, 2007, and this is the first year since my first anniversary in 2008 that I have not blogged on the exact date. This is because Adam and I decided to be brave and drop H at my mom’s for the night so we could head down to Revel in Atlantic City. It was the first time we’ve ever been separated overnight, and I was nervous the entire week leading up to it. But, she was thrilled to see her Nana, and we were able to Skype with her before her bedtime. She was in a great mood, having a great adventure. That made the entire weekend so much better, and I was able to relax after that.

The resort is gorgeous, so much so that Adam and I are already figuring out a way to get all three of us back there when school gets out.

The weather was not kind to us last weekend, or this weekend for that matter, which was fine in the end. We were stuck in traffic and didn’t actually check in to the hotel until 2 hours before our dinner reservation.

We got gussied up for dinner, and I wore my anniversary present. I love it!

Dinner was at Iron Chef Marc Forgione’s restaurant American Cut, and it was pretty damn incredible. This was the Carrot Glazed Carrot, which was addictive.

These were the Brass Knuckle Potatoes, which cheddar and homemade pork roll. Or for those of us from North Jersey, Taylor ham. If you don’t know what pork roll or Taylor ham means, here you go. This is possibly one of the most amazing things I have ever consumed, and I sincerely wish they were open for breakfast and served this. I mean, homemade Taylor ham! This Marc Forgione character is a genius!

We had lots of wine, lots of food, and left in very high spirits. Adam won $32 on the penny slots, we wandered the entire resort, and we watched TV in a comfy bed in a hotel room with no baby monitor in sight. Kind of heavenly, although we did spend a considerable amount of time discussing where to put the travel crib next time we visit, talking to the concierge for babysitting recommendations, and buying H souvenir poker chips at the gift shop.

Part of the little package we bought included room service breakfast. We were having such a great time that we decided to ask my mom to watch H for an extra couple of hours so we could sneak in a trip to see Star Trek Into Darkness. We hardly ever get to the movies.

And the movie was awesome!

And H still can’t stop playing with her poker chips. Parents of the year!