I was in bed until about 5pm today, then I dragged myself to the shower to get ready for the anniversary surprise that Adam has been planning for weeks now. He’s been incredibly tight lipped about it, and I haven’t had any idea what the surprise was.

Last year for our anniversary, Adam boarded a plane to the UK to be best man in his friend Paul’s wedding. I completely understood, but we didn’t really get to celebrate. So despite the fact that I’m still feeling poorly, nothing was going to keep me from this surprise.

The surprise was that Adam had booked the chef’s table in the kitchen at Nicholas, one of my favorite restaurants and the best in NJ (even better than most places I’ve been in NY). It was phenomenal, 7 courses customized to each of us. Adam told them our likes and dislikes before we went, and the food was incredible. Some of the flavors I was a little sensitive to since I’m still kind of under the weather (I either taste no salt at all, or everything tastes really salty). But it was wonderful, and I had such a good time. The best anniversary yet.

The amuse bouche.

My cold crab salad with melon, cucumber sorbet, and sesame crisps. Yum!

Adam’s oxtail ravioli.

My dessert sampler. Mine had a banana theme, Adam’s had a chocolate theme, and then they brought out a THIRD dessert plate with a maple french toast that tasted like heavenly soft doughnuts. So. Good.