I’m one of the last people to finish my May blocks for this bee, it’s our first month. I don’t know how everyone finishes them so quickly! The fabrics went out mid-April, and most of them were done by the end of April. But, it’s the May block, and I finished it well within the month of May. These are for Janet, who had a red theme going that I thought was very cool. Both blocks are 12.5″ square.

She asked for 1 block to have a “brick-like” theme, so here’s that one:

I love the mix of mustard yellows and oranges in with the reds, very cool

Then if we had time to make a 2nd block, it could be whatever we wanted:

The 2nd one isn’t as elaborate as I might have liked, but with this bug I’ve got and time running out I just wanted to make sure I got 2 blocks to her this month. So I did a 9 patch with her remaining fabrics. Of course since my brain isn’t operating as it should, I completely mis-measured and only made the blocks 3.5″ each. I was actually surprised when I laid it on top of the 1st block and it was so much smaller. But I didn’t have enough of her fabrics left for a border, so I added in some of my Woodland Delights by Paula Prass for Michael Miller. It’s a nice orange border around the whole block, so I hope she likes it.

Now to get it in the mail and move on to the other 2 May blocks I still need to make. And the June blocks are already arriving!