picking the background fabricOther posts on this project: Table Runner Pt. 1, Table Runner Pt. 2.

So lots of changes to this project over the past few days. First of all, I went to the fabric store to get some more solid brown fabric for the back. I ended up buying an even darker brown than the 2 I was originally choosing between. And I love it, the patches stand out perfectly against it. The Christmas Runner uses the middle brown, the only thing is that the brown I chose is close to the color of our dining room table. I’ll have to pick a good binding color to separate the two so the runner doesn’t disappear on the table.

patches laid outThe second change is I decided to leave out the yellow patches (at the top of the 2nd photo). So now there aren’t as many patches on the runner, I couldn’t be bothered to make more patches in a new fabric, so I just changed the spacing and ironed the patches down.

So now comes the long part of blindstitching (by hand) all the patches to the background fabric. Part of me just wants to do a tight zigzag stitch all the way around them, like I do with my Orange Room labels. But I’ll do it right, I’ll have something to work on sitting on the couch for a while.