table runner patchesOther posts on this project: Table Runner Pt. 1.

I don’t know why it feels like I got the patches for this table runner made in record speed. They whipped right up, and now I’m ready to lay them out and fuse them to the background fabric. Then comes long evenings blindstitching them while I watch TV or something. That’s the worst part, all that hand stitching takes forever. But it’s incredibly satisfying, and it’s nice to have a sewing project that’s portable.

background colors for runnerI’m happy with the color scheme, but I’m struggling with the background fabric. The Christmas Runner had a chocolate brown background, and I still have enough of that fabric left to use as another background. That was my original plan. But I also have this sort of caramel colored fabric as well that could work, although the piece I have isn’t as wide. I thought that could be great as the background, but now that I look at the patches on both fabrics I’m torn.

This picture of the current project laid out next to the Christmas Runner isn’t that great. But it gives you the idea of the colors. The dark fabric makes the patches pop more, but I don’t know yet if I’ll get bored with it. The caramel background just isn’t quite contrasted enough, but I still like the idea of a lighter fabric for something that will live on the table year-round. I think I’ll sleep on it and decide which I like better.