marblechampI think this will be next on the list. I found this quilt designed by Lizzy House over the summer and got really excited. I love her fabric, and I’m still looking for something to fill the rest of the space on the dining room wall. I’m not going to make mine this full size, and I may scale down the size of the circles, but I like this as a homemade project to help keep the room funky without being too homespun.

At Lizzy House’s recommendation I bought Dale Fleming’s Pieced Curves So Simple, which outlines a 6-minute circle method used in this quilt. I’m excited to try it, but a little intimidated.

Side note: I have a slight tremor in my already small hands (several folks in my family do), and therefore I am a horrible drafter. And I have bad handwriting, I was the second to last kid in 3rd grade to get to use pen because it was so illegible. The last kid was a Yankees fan. Anyway, the drafting part was made clear to me by an interior design professor in college who suggested I might like to try painting instead. I cried for weeks and cursed his name until the first day of my first painting class, and then I realized he was and will forever be my hero. Greatest advice I was ever given, and it literally changed my life. I met my kindred spirits and found a Passion for the arts, as they say. Moral of the story: Anyone can say “you can do it,” the people who are really looking out for you will tell you when you can’t. And shouldn’t.

And therefore I have a very hard time even tracing a circle properly, let alone cutting it out. So that makes this an intimidating project, but Adam has volunteered to do all the circle tracing for me. He being an exacting engineer and all.

I just have to…get started.