This is the pattern for my latest project. My stepfather-in-law, Ian, has a birthday in August. He and my mother-in-law Cora are coming over from England for July 4th, so I’m working on a present for him to have ready for their visit. They divide their time between the UK and Crete, so I wanted to try and make a quilt for one of their houses. They’re very into design, homemade things, and any artistic expression. He’s an engineering professor and she is a poet and artist, so I thought a geometric quilt would appeal to them both. I picked their Crete house and have gathered together all the fabrics to try and match the feel of their white and yellow bedroom. I was going to call this project Ian’s Quilt, but since it’s kind of for both of them I decided to just call it the Crete Quilt.

I’ve decided to make the Ice Pops quilt from Denyse Schmidt Quilts. This will be a new experience for me, as I have to use a pattern and be kind of disciplined. The last real quilt I tried to make is still sitting in pieces in a box somewhere. Someday, I will finish it. But now I have motivation to get this new quilt done, so I’m going to document my progress since it will take a while. I enlarged the pattern and taped it together, I’ve cut the strips for the side and top. Now I’m cutting out all the pieces for the quilt blocks. Wish me luck!