Or something that will get everything stuck back together again.

After a week, an entire WEEK of being sick (with the small reprieve of 2.5 hours to go and celebrate my wedding anniversary), I’m struggling to get out of a deep funk and get back to life as usual. Which of course means trying to jump back into a completely hectic time midstream. Just because I’m down for the count doesn’t mean things stop racing around. So it’s time for another list of things I need to get back on track.


  • I need to be observed 1x more for work this year.
  • This week is the last checkout of the year, then I need to start the mass end-of-year notices and phone calls for missing books.
  • Distribute summer reading books to all students.
  • End-of-year shelving and closing up of the library.
  • Finish The Tale of Despereaux with all 2nd grade classes (which might mean bringing them down for additional library time in June).
  • Finish The Invention of Hugo Cabret with all 3rd grade classes, plus the bonus activities I have for the end.


  • We rescheduled the F1 brunch to June 13th, need to prep for that.
  • We’re going to Miami for a long weekend after school gets out, need to prep for that.
  • It’s time to make my Summer To Do list, including home projects to tackle, events, plans with friends.
  • We’re working on planning a vacation with my mother- and stepfather-in-law for August, need to work on that.
  • Our patio is getting built this week! Need to meet with the contractor.
  • We need to get an attic fan put in and have our upstairs A/C looked at before it gets to be 500 degrees out.
  • The mail desperately needs sorting and filing. We have a bin from the post office that has been overflowing for an embarrassingly long time. Why is mail such a chore?
  • I have to plan dishes for the 1st meeting of an Epicurean club some of my friends are starting next weekend.
  • I’ve signed up for a beginner’s yoga class. I missed the 1st meeting last week when I was sick, I’m hoping I’ll be able to catch up.


  • I have a garage full of pillows to get to all the ladies in the Philly Modern Quilt Guild. I offered to buy wholesale priced pillows in bulk, now I need to get them to everyone.
  • I volunteered to help write a post about the Philly group for the Modern Quilt Guild blog, it’s due June 7th.
  • I have to finish 2 more blocks for May quilting bees. And the June blocks are starting to come in.
  • July is my month for one of these bees, I need to have all my fabrics cut, prepped, and mailed by mid-June. And I haven’t decided what I want to make yet!

Somehow, I will get it all done. Somehow….