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Really, this past two weeks.

I ended the last one with a stomach bug, and the bug seems to have revisited me a bit this week. Plus, I had a debilitating migraine on Monday afternoon, which came on as I was driving home in the above freak snowstorm that came out of nowhere and dropped 3″ of snow on my car in a couple of hours. I couldn’t even get up to my mom’s to pick up H, the roads were so bad. So she had a Nana sleepover while I spent almost an hour making my normally 15 minute drive home.

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I turned 35 yesterday. I had all kinds of plans to pick H up from school and head into the city for fabric shopping at City Quilter, a trip to Books of Wonder to get this year’s Caldecott books, and maybe a stop at Marimekko to investigate a new raincoat for her.

But this was me instead.

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I have an ear infection, a cold, and a really unpleasant feeling cough. So I’m having trouble typing, let alone thinking. Will try to be back tomorrow with good stuff.

Or something that will get everything stuck back together again.

After a week, an entire WEEK of being sick (with the small reprieve of 2.5 hours to go and celebrate my wedding anniversary), I’m struggling to get out of a deep funk and get back to life as usual. Which of course means trying to jump back into a completely hectic time midstream. Just because I’m down for the count doesn’t mean things stop racing around. So it’s time for another list of things I need to get back on track.

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My allergies have turned into a full-on viral episode. So I’ve basically been home in bed since Friday afternoon. Fun! And tomorrow is my wedding anniversary. Adam has some super secret thing planned for tomorrow night, so I’m just hoping I’ll be up for it. Back to sleep for now.

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