Really, this past two weeks.

I ended the last one with a stomach bug, and the bug seems to have revisited me a bit this week. Plus, I had a debilitating migraine on Monday afternoon, which came on as I was driving home in the above freak snowstorm that came out of nowhere and dropped 3″ of snow on my car in a couple of hours. I couldn’t even get up to my mom’s to pick up H, the roads were so bad. So she had a Nana sleepover while I spent almost an hour making my normally 15 minute drive home.

The migraine set in during the drive, and I had nasty headaches that came and went every day this past week–sometimes overlapping with the stomach bug. Wednesday was not a good day at work, I felt pretty crummy.

My 36th birthday is on Tuesday, so here’s hoping my health and stress levels swing the other way in time for me to celebrate. Thirty-six feels like a good one.