prepping thanksgiving tableI’ve been battling migraines on and off for 5 days now. For a few hours I’ll be almost fine, then suddenly I have to go off to a dark room to wait out a wave of nausea and headaches. Lights, sounds, temperatures, computer screens, print, and voices are all causing me trouble for any length of time. I almost got physically ill in a craft store yesterday from the squeaky shopping carts being wheeled around. As a result I was home sick from work today so that I could go to the doctor, who declared that I’m in the midst of a Status Migraine. I get migraines a couple of times a year, but I’ve never had a Status Migraine (which just means it’s been happening for more than 3 days).  She’s started me on an intensive course of super-strength steroids to try and break up this migraine and keep it away for good, but in the meantime life is frustrating and decidedly boring since the usual things I do for entertainment and money are a little problematic.

One thing I have been able to do during the times I feel alright is to start planning the snack/dessert table for Thanksgiving on Thursday. We’re hosting it this year, so I’m hoping I’ll be in good shape by then. I’m not convinced by my color scheme yet, but I’m still putting it together. Focusing and making decisions has been tough even when I’m only feeling mildly affected, so analyzing things like color schemes is a challenge. But I think it’s too red right now.