Today was our end-of-summer (meaning back-to-school for me) cookout, and we had such a good time. You know, we’re truly lucky to be surrounded by such great people; I have to brag on the group of family and friends we’ve managed to surround ourselves with. Whether they were here today or just with us in spirit, I love our crew. Even when they disagree, I couldn’t ask for better.

And the weather held up.

meredith in the hammock

Meredith loves the hammock.

grace in the hammock

Gracie loves the hammock. Everyone loves the hammock.

august dessert table

August dessert table 2

The August dessert table. I’m really thrilled with this one, I made devil’s food cake with vanilla buttercream (with polka dots that my niece Grace helped me put on), chocolate chip cookie bars, and homemade salted caramels (my 2nd attempt). Those were perfect, I’ve figured out the tricks. Everything was delicious, and I love the colors. W00t!

And then there was the Bacon Explosion. Our friends Laura Ann and Dan assembled this masterpiece in our kitchen, and it is as crazy as it looks. They made 2 at their Thanksgiving in July party with Ken, but this one was assembled like a pro (because Laura Ann actually followed the directions).

bacon explosion cooking

In the oven.

putting the explosion on the grill

Laura Ann and Adam put it on the grill while Merdith documents for posterity.

proud parents

The proud parents.

a slice

A slice of the madness.

Now, it’s time to get ready for school on Tuesday.