dessert table

Starting to get the dessert table ready for our cookout tomorrow.

decals library

decals library 2

Hanging Dali Decals in the library.

salted caramels pt. 2

Making salted caramels for the party. This time I cooked the caramel to 275 instead of 300 degrees F, and I doubled the mixture for a crowd. The caramel tastes PERFECT.

jazz painting

Rehanging one of my college paintings (it used to be in the library, now Adam’s Here & There prints of Manhattan are in its old spot.

photos in the hallway

Hanging photos in the hallway (we’re still working on that tonight).

library photos

Hanging a photo of a globe in the Austrian National Library and the antique map of England Adam’s parents gave us as an engagement present. The library has become the “map room.”