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I’m making some of Bakerella’s cake pops for our party on Saturday.

cake balls

The chocolate cake I made for Thanksgiving was so ginormous that the whole bottom layer was untouched until Adam cut into it the other night. The fondant kept it perfectly fresh, so I recycled half that bottom layer and made about 50 cake balls. Later in the week I’ll coat them and put them on sticks.

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dessert table

Starting to get the dessert table ready for our cookout tomorrow.

decals library

decals library 2

Hanging Dali Decals in the library.

salted caramels pt. 2

Making salted caramels for the party. This time I cooked the caramel to 275 instead of 300 degrees F, and I doubled the mixture for a crowd. The caramel tastes PERFECT.

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cut bunting navy and aquaFinally! I’ve finally been able to stop racing around in a stressed out streak of polka dots and curly hair long enough to begin a new project. After making Annie’s bunting I’d decided it was so easy and cool that I would make some for any festivities we held in the future. So here it is, 6 days away from our School’s Out for Summer party. And I started the bunting today, matching the navy and aqua color scheme of my planned dessert table.

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2nd cookie experimentOkay, I give up. I cannot make sugar cookies into festive spheres. I had a vision of these wonderful cookie lollipops enrobed in brightly colored icing for my dessert table at this cookout.

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So I’ve mentioned my current obsession with Amy Atlas’s dessert tables and my new mission for fabulus color-coordinated parties. In my continuing quest for this, I ordered some food coloring gels and powders to experiment with cookies and frosting. My vision is to make cookie balls that I can then enrobe in brightly colored royal icing.

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