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I loved it! We had our party last night, and for the 1st time in our holiday party throwing history, it didn’t snow. We had a great turn-out of about 16, I was really happy with the spread (but didn’t go crazy), AND we started the party early (5:30) so I was in my PJ’s before midnight. I live for the time spent in my pajamas, so this was exciting. It was Adam’s idea to start early because we have friends with kids, friends who travel from far-flung places, and friends who are double-booked this time of year and need to get to other parties (that start much later). I think it worked out perfectly.

This year I remembered to take pictures of the spread when it was only *almost* cleared out. I never get pictures of the full experience. I did brie en croute, some caprese sticks, peppadews stuffed with herbed goat cheese (so easy and seriously delicious, peppadews are near the jarred olives). I made spanikopita and just kept throwing batches of them in the oven, they went very fast. Some Italian sausages and crostini.

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I’m making some of Bakerella’s cake pops for our party on Saturday.

cake balls

The chocolate cake I made for Thanksgiving was so ginormous that the whole bottom layer was untouched until Adam cut into it the other night. The fondant kept it perfectly fresh, so I recycled half that bottom layer and made about 50 cake balls. Later in the week I’ll coat them and put them on sticks.

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