I went in to work today to see if the library was still there and to get a jump start on back-to-school prep. Of course I’m pretty much the last teacher to make their way in; most of my colleagues were in last week. But I just couldn’t quite admit to myself that summer was over, so today was my first day back in.

And there are so many glorious new books to unpack. My reading list is already sky high, and now that I’m seeing the books I ordered I’m remembering how many of those I want to read, too.

Tomorrow the teachers officially go back, and the kids start on Thursday. I’m excited for this year, and I’m trepidatious, too. I have lots of new ideas for projects and lesson plans with the kids, and I’m always excited to talk books with them. But I really loved being home this summer; I loved decorating the house and trying to be a domestic goddess.

There’s less stress for me this year because I’m not making up all my lesson plans for the first time and hoping they work. Now I can tweak things I’ve already got in my arsenal and spend more time on things I ran out of time for last year. But I’m hoping that I’ll find a balance and be a little less tired when I get home, so I can still play at being a domestic goddess during the school year. They’re not kidding when they say the first year of teaching is the most exhausting year of your life. And now I’m on to year two! It’ll be a good one.