So I’m not sure exactly how this happened, but my schedule into 2010 is jam packed. It’s kind of sneaking up on me, and now I realize I’ve got to do some serious time managing to get everything done. And the school year’s already crazy just a week in. We had the cookout the Sunday before school started, back to school week was of course busy, then we went to Seattle last weekend. Tonight was Back to School Night, so I worked a 12-hour day today while still struggling to catch up on sleep from Seattle (we got home at 2am yesterday morning). So it’s time for a list to help me mentally sort out all this stuff and keep my sanity

  • This weekend we’re planning on painting and redecorating Adam’s office. His new IKEA furniture has been camped out in the upstairs hall for almost 2 weeks.
  • My brother’s birthday was last weekend while we were out of town, we’ve got to get together for that.
  • Adam’s birthday is at the end of September; I have to plan a cake, a gift, and a meal.
  • I’m hosting a book club first Sunday in October, and I need to do some desserts. And read the book.
  • I signed up for Part Two of the Wilton cake decorating classes every Wednesday in September.
  • Adam’s 24 in 24 marathon is in mid-October, and that may involve a gathering with food and baked goods.
  • I wanted to throw a Halloween party this year.
  • I’m off 2 days for NJ Teachers’ Convention in November, we were thinking of finding a cheap in-between season deal somewhere.
  • I wanted to host Thanksgiving at our house.
  • Christmas party.
  • We’re going to England for Christmas and planning to go to Paris with his mom and stepdad for New Year’s.

For work:

  • I want to have the videos and DVDs catalogued by Thanksgiving.
  • My Game Day chart for this year (last week of every month we have Game Days in the library).
  • Catalog and cover my donated books.
  • Staff newsletter, I want to do one every marking period for the library.
  • Letter to 1st grade parents about bringing library books home.
  • Our new lesson plan format involves planning for several weeks at a time, so I need to get September and October unit plans together for all 7 grades.

Yeah…I should go to bed now and get whatever sleep I can until January.