turduckenSo this is a turducken. Our friends Dan, Ken, and Laura Ann threw this Thanksgiving in July party at Dan’s house yesterday, and it was pretty much so they could showcase this turkey/duck/chicken concoction. We waited with baited breath for hours while this thing roasted away (a bacon explosion helped pass the time), and just before we left for Christmas in July Adam and I got the first bites of it. We only got as far as the turkey layer, but it was yummy. I was a turducken skeptic, I have to say I was surprised to find it was delicious. All that duck fat made it really moist. And neither of us got salmonella poisoning, so that’s a huge bonus!

It was quite a party, but I’ll admit that I did not feel cool enough to be in Dan’s Chelsea apartment. If nothing else, yesterday made The Reeves realize just how suburban we are, and that’s fine with us. It was pouring rain on the way to Dan’s, so we arrived separately (Adam from work, me from the ‘burbs) but equally soaked. Then we made our way from Chelsea to Brooklyn in that sort of gross post-rain mugginess that comes from a wet summer in NYC.

christmas in july spreadBut we made it, happy but slightly worse for wear, to Brooklyn for my friend Maggie’s Christmas in July extravaganza. She had quite a spread, which we appreciated since a large part of our time at Thanksgiving was spent waiting for things to cook (it was the kind of party where the buildup is the whole point). A cookie decorating station (totally stealing that idea), homemade buckeyes, and melon wrapped in prosciutto. All excellent and delicious. And there were Christmas tunes playing from her iPhone and Christmas ornaments as prizes for getting in the spirit of things. I won a mini Christmas sweater with a penguin on it for picking up the “Mulled wine!” chant. I was very excited by that, it’s going into the ornament collection in the attic. I have to say, I also loved that Maggie thought outside the holiday color box by going with a pink Christmas theme rather than the typical green and red. This made it feel like summer, but with Christmas!

So exhausted and partied out, we made our way back home well past our bedtimes (I can’t remember the last time we were getting in at 1am, another reason we realized how uncool we are). We’re totally spent today and still recovering, but we had an absolute blast at both parties. Once in a while it’s fun for us to pretend that we’re cool, energetic people who go to multiple parties in multiple boroughs in one night. Once in a while.