This is what the holidays look like in my house. Cooking, baking, and a festive Christmas movie like Die Hard playing. That’s what I’ve been up to today-getting ready for Christmas Day. I’ve wrapped, I’ve delivered my annual brownie and chocolate chip cookie bar packages to all the neighbors (those recipes will be coming in a few days), I’ve waited impatiently for last minute deliveries from UPS and FedEx. All the tips have gone out, all the cards have been mailed. The turkey was picked up today. Adam and I even watched Diamonds Are Forever as part of the annual Christmas James Bond marathon on Spike TV (thanks, Elizabeth!). I’ve tracked Santa (as of this post he is in Melo, Uruguay).

All that’s left to do is straighten up all the shipping boxes and wrapping paper, stuff the stockings, and go to sleep. Merry Christmas! See you after the holiday.