I had a stomach bug for about a week after New Year’s, which I chalked up to just a travelers’ thing. Didn’t keep me from work, went to the doctor and did what I was supposed to do. And by last weekend I felt better. Then suddenly a week ago (Monday) after school, I just felt like I’d hit a brick wall. Headaches, muscle aches, and just general exhaustion. By Tuesday I thought it was a sinus infection. By Wednesday I had a cough and worried that I might be getting bronchitis. By Friday when I got to the doctor I had a slight fever and she thought it sounded like the flu. I thought the stomach bug must have just worn down my resistence to things, since I’ve had ALL my flu shots (including H1N1). I’ve been following doctor’s orders and trying to take it easy this weekend while at the same time getting ready to go back to work tomorrow. But last night my muscles started going haywire. Charlie horses, spasms, and pain all through my legs, arms, and even my chest. This happened once before and it was a potassium deficiency, so I’ve started eating bananas like crazy. But today I just feel as bad as I did when I first stayed home from work last Tuesday. I’m achy, exhausted, still a little sniffly, and my chest still feels a little tight. So I’m waiting to hear back from the doctor again today, and I don’t know what I’ll be doing about work tomorrow. I couldn’t even get myself to work right now, let alone be in charge of a library full of kids. My brain, however, has serious cabin fever.

So part of me wonders if I overdid it yesterday on my first real attempt to be out and about in a week. We went to lunch at Bobby’s Burger Palace yesterday in the rain, and then I went to Joann Fabrics because of a HUGE sale they’re having this week. I wait all year for the handful of print fabric sales they have, and this was the first I remember that was 40% off. Plus 50% off Gutermann thread. So the only bright side to what has been a largely icky and sleep-filled week is the score I made at this sale. Then, of course, I came home and began having a fight with my own limbs, but I choose to remember the good times. Here’s the haul.