So, I’m home this week on doctor’s orders, battling what feels like the umpteenth case of bronchitis I’ve had in the past year. Another barrage of steroids, cough medicine, inhalers, Vitamin C, fluids, and chicken soup. So this is what I’ve been doing while confined to the couch this week:

1. Watched all of Lost Season Three. I know, I’m still a season behind. I never catch up in time for the new season. But since all the episodes in Season Four are available on, maybe I’ll be ready for Season Five.

2. Read exactly 0 books. Today is the first day I’ve been able to have a rational thought, and I all I did with that gift is sleep all day.

3. Tried to catch up on the blogging universe. Usually when I’m good, I’ve got a couple of posts written out in advance in case of an emergency, so all I have to do is publish and I’m set for a day or so. Those ran out on Tuesday, which is why yesterday was just the HP6 trailer. And that took me about 20 minutes to work out in my hazy state. And I still couldn’t think of anything to write about today other than being sick.

4. Finally watched No Country for Old Men, which was superb. Also watched Jumper but fell asleep about 15 minutes in. I liked Sam Jackson’s hair, though. And The Jazz Singer was on the other day, which I hadn’t seen in years and years. My brother and stepfather LOVED that movie. I tried to sing along, especially for the big “America” finale, but I couldn’t. See number 5.

5. Lost my voice. I’ve sounded like a strangled frog most of the week.

6. Went through 4 boxes of tissues, 3 partially full bottles of Dayquil, and all the apple juice.

7. Sweated profusely. I know my body is fighting to push something out because today I’ve just been incredibly hot and sweaty, no matter how much water I drink. Hooray for steroids!

8. Got phone calls from my mother and my husband while I happened to be off the couch-probably to pick up the phone or feed myself-telling me to get back on the couch.

9. Felt guilty about missing work and the programs I had planned for the week.

10. Boiled no less than 5 pots of water, then turned them off because I couldn’t remember if I was hungry or not. Yesterday I boiled the same pot of water 3 times in a row and then ended up eating leftover chicken salad from the fridge.