Do I buy this for my nearly-3-year-old niece this Christmas?


OR do I make her this, which I wanted to make last year but had no time for? I still may not have the time, which is why I’m trying to decide early. But I love this project from UK lass in US.


I’m a little freaked out by the fact that by this time last year I’d already started making gifts for everyone. The holidays are of course insane, and this year we have the added trip to the UK and Paris to boot (so excited!). My family is celebrating the holidays on December 12th, so I’ve got to get Mom, Brother, Niece, and Nephew squared away by then.

So this is my current list of stuff happening. This list may be the reason I’m having trouble making any decisions at all.

  • Hosting Thanksgiving next week.
  • Hosting our holiday party the weekend after that (so the tree and house should be decorated by then).
  • Plans for every weekend between now and mid-January, including cookie exchanges, parties, author readings, the dentist, and New Moon.
  • My family celebration on December 12th.
  • Sorting out gifts/transportation of gifts overseas for Adam’s whole family.
  • Christmas in London.
  • Preparing for Paris for New Year’s.
  • Secret Santa at school.
  • December library displays, including winter library tree.
  • Baking for the neighbors.

Okay, writing that down helped. I just needed to pick a place to start, so I’m starting with my niece. Thoughts?