winkI read this book months ago, but I have been woefully negligent in posting book reviews this year. I’ve mainly posted booklists and books I’ve taught, so it’s time for some more reviews.

All of Wink’s dreams come true when he is accepted into a school for young ninjas. He wants nothing more than to be a ninja. During each lesson he has a great deal of trouble following directions. While everyone else is silent, Wink makes noise. When everyone else is stealthy, Wink makes his presence known. He is constantly sent home with proverbial notes from the ninja school master (“The loudest cricket is the first to be caught”). His grandmother has equally great proverbs to offer about the importance of having fun and being yourself.  When he decides to do his best to be both silent and stealthy, it works so well that no one notices. Wink doesn’t see the fun in this at all, so he breaks free with hilarious results.

I loved this book. Wink reminded me of myself (a ninja who also wants to sing and wear colorful outfits? Love it!). And I think kids will see a little of themselves in him, too. The illustrations are so bright and appealing that every page makes the reader excited to see the next. Wink is made out of energy and has real trouble conforming to other people’s ideas. In the end he finds a way to have everything he wants. The idea of using ever-popular ninjas to teach a lesson in tolerance is so clever and outrageous that I was hooked. When Wink eventually found himself, I cheered.