So for Christmas presents, my brother-in-law Morgan is done, and his daughters Cleo and Livi are done. That leaves Kate, the girls’ mom. They just moved into a new house, so I decided to finally make these adorable keychains from Cute Stuff by Aronzi Aronzo. They have been on my list of projects forever; I’d even bought tons of felt and key rings back in the spring but never used them. They came out really well considering my recent battles with felt.

I just need to get Cleo some kind of cute girly pen for her diary, wrap Morgan’s gift when it arrives, and their family is checked off my present list and ready to ship off to England. This year we may actually get some of our overseas gifts off in time for Christmas and without crazy shipping charges.

And now after my weekend of progress, my sewing table is left a complete and total disaster. Hooray for December!