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So the last day of our time with Cora and Ian was spent at the Bakewell Show. I don’t think Cora liked it very much, but I thought it was pretty awesome. I even bought a Union Jack umbrella for five quid that I had a great time getting into the luggage home. It’s now slightly bent, but it works!

We were greeted by local schoolgirls selling programmes (practicing my English spellings).

Cows were on parade. I’d never been to an agricultural festival like this before, it was great watching people sizing up the livestock.

And more local color than you could shake a stick at.

I mean, honestly. This man was just walking around with a snowy owl on his shoulder. Walking his dog, like it was no big thing that there was an OWL on his SHOULDER! I’ve seen Finding Hogwarts, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t check in Derbyshire.

This girl is my new style icon.

Guess where I had lunch? I had to, but it’s possible things like this are why Cora did not love the Bakewell Show. I think this is where my mother-in-law and I diverge on the road, because this is pretty much everything I adored about the Bakewell Show.

And with these for dessert:


There was a whole tent full of show rabbits. Literally, a tent of bunnies. I toy with the idea of getting a pet rabbit, and if I ever do I’m holding out for a German Lop.

It was drizzly that day (of course it was!), so H tried out her new rain cover. She loves this thing.

And then on the way out I saw this stand!

I think this right here is why I love England. Where I come from we just give pigeons stale bread and tell them they can’t drive buses.

And to finish off the day, a Bakewell Pudding from the festival.

Good times, I say.