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I have deadlines, and so many trip photos, but I really want to document what we did. This blog is my archive, so bear with me. I have two (or maybe three?) posts left to get out.

After we left Center Parcs, we met my other set of in-laws at Crich Tramway Village and the National Tramway Museum. H is wild about trains, this seemed like a good spot between Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire to meet up and spend an afternoon.

tramway 14

tramway 13


They had a very cool retro candy shop, and this great old pub just sitting there.

tramway 11

tramway 10

We had lunch in the cafe next door, and H goofed off with her grandparents, some straws, and napkin airplanes.

tramway 9

tramway 8


You could look down into their restoration garage, and if you walked around outside you could look at all the old tram cars.

tramway 7

tramway 6

tramway 2

tramway 1They have a short track that takes visitors between the restaurants and shops, up the hill to a playground, and further on to a hiking site. Or, you can just ride the tram back and forth. Which we did. The brakes stopped working at one point, and we sat on the tracks for 10 minutes while the conductor and engineer figured out what was wrong. It’s a little surreal, because we could’ve gotten out and walked back to the shops in less time than the wait. But riding a tram is the fun part. Also, I was fresh off a week on a mobility scooter, I still wasn’t in fighting shape with my knee.

We spent most of our stranded time leading the tram riders in a rousing rendition of “Down by the Bay,” which is H’s favorite song to sing.

tramway 12Her singing was definitely a highlight for me. But so was the surprise of finding this police box just casually sitting on the sidewalk near one of the tram stops.

tramway 3

This is the exact police box model that the TARDIS is based on. And this is an original, actually the last original of this model left in the world. Just sitting there! Like no big deal!

tramway 4

H didn’t fully appreciate the history sitting behind her, but someday she will thank me for this photo opp. Someday.