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This little spot in Kennebunkport, Maine is splendid. I think this was the best thing we did with H all week, and the next time we’re in Maine we should go back.

I’m finally recovering from a bug that knocked me out for the full week since we got home from Maine, and now I’m catching up on vacation photos. And I honestly, truly, loved the Seashore Trolley Museum.


It’s an outdoor museum with three huge barns packed to the gills with old trolley cars from around the world. The trolley cars and open for you to climb and walk around inside, and a lot of them have bells that still work and make that awesome trolley clang.


This place is heaven for little kids, especially train-and-bus loving little kids (H calls trolleys “train buses”). Outside of the barns were old buses strewn about, and there was a working trolley that you could ride on an old track for a good distance; this place is deceptively huge.


Then you hop off the trolley and walk from barn to barn. H was exhausted, this was our first real afternoon in Maine. We didn’t go until after lunch. But she wouldn’t leave until she had climbed into every trolley car she was allowed to. She loved this place, and we thought it was just the coolest.





A lot of the cars still had their crazy old ads hanging up.


Some cars were just crazy.


Some cars had H’s Uncle Thomas.


The old guy who narrates the trolley journey, he is a national treasure and an exhibit all on his own.



The view from the top of a double decker car.

IMG_0232Coolest little museum EVER.