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Adam and I may or may not have spent a day driving around Oahu in search of filming locations from Magnum PI and Hawaii 5-0. And by “maybe not,” I mean we did.

The 5-0 headquarters (actually the Ali’iolani Hale Museum).

Apparently this statue is quiet famous, people come just to see that.

The Territorial Office Building right next to the museum. Also known as Honolulu PD on Hawaii 5-0.

Sitting at the Hau Tree Bar at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. This is Danno and co.’s favorite barm their table is off to the left. Yes, of course I asked which table (it was already full). Adam had a “Hawaii 5-0” cocktail and I had the “Book ’em Danno!” nonalcoholic cocktail. It was diabolically awful, but that’s not why we came here.

The gate to Robin’s Nest from Magnum. Lots of trees, but you can kind of see the tennis court through them.

Magnum’s favorite Ferrari driving highway (on the Windward side, Pali Highway).

That pier is where TC’s Island Hoppers tour company was based.

That’s me standing excitedly near TC’s pier.

And on that note, it’s time to move on with life…to LeakyCon!