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I’ve been busy over at GeekMom, and I have a few posts I’m really proud of. All of my posts are here, but in the past few weeks I did a roundup of the Best Audio Books for Family Road Trips, Disney’s 2013 Holiday Gift Preview, and HIT Entertainment’s 2013 Holiday Gift Preview. I also wrote I Took My 15-Month-Old to the Movies, analyzing whether or not H is ready for the big screen.

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Adam and I may or may not have spent a day driving around Oahu in search of filming locations from Magnum PI and Hawaii 5-0. And by “maybe not,” I mean we did.

The 5-0 headquarters (actually the Ali’iolani Hale Museum).

Apparently this statue is quiet famous, people come just to see that.

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Last night was the HUGE series finale event for Lost, and I watched it just like everyone else. But honestly, for me tonight’s series finale of Law & Order is more of a blow. Twenty years of “BONG BONG” are coming to an end in 30 minutes, and without the fanfare and big story wrap-up that Lost had. I’m hoping this episode is epic, but I suspect it will do what this show has been doing for 2/3 of my life: quietly existing in the background, being a genius little powerhouse of ethics, morals, and the ups and downs of the US judicial system. I have always loved it, and nothing is more comforting to me than having reruns on while I go about my life around the house.

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I’m officially excited. The quality of this isn’t great, but it’s here! June 11th!

ateamGizmodo posted the cast for the upcoming A-Team film adaptation today. And I don’t know how to feel about the reimagining of my most beloved childhood TV series (next to The Smurfs and Kids, Incorporated). I loved Star Trek but was by no means a big fan. I was thrown by Michael Mann’s take on Miami Vice but still respected it. Now the real cornerstone of my childhood TV years is having its moment.

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