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So May was…eventful. We went to Mexico for a family vacation and celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary there. And while we were on the plane, I got a job offer. That I’ve accepted….

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If you pick up the October issue of Inside Jersey, I have a feature on hippotherapy inside. Hippotherapy is the use of horses as a therapeutic tool for speech, PT, and OT. I pitched the idea several months back because H goes to one of the clinics I interviewed. She originally went for PT, now she goes for OT. And it’s been hugely beneficial for her, and motivating. She loves the horses she rides, and we’ve seen some great progress.

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I started contributing to Noodle a few months ago, and it’s been a wonderful experience. This is a list of books recommendations I put together for them not long ago. There are great reads on this list, and I love the infographic Noodle put together.

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In all of the hectic life stuff going on around here this year, from preschool prep to my new job, a definite upside has been writing. I’ve started writing for Hello Giggles, and for an educational site called Noodle. I have another article in this month’s issue of NJ Monthly, and I have a piece coming out in next month’s Inside Jersey magazine, plus a quilt and another article heading to Generation Q this fall. And, I’m putting out some posts and articles that I’m really just super proud of.

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I have to admit this to myself, overall. April was not too shabby. In the thick of things April (and really March, too) felt like a hill we’d never get over. There have been work/life balance stresses and H preschool stresses, and having a three-year-old stresses. When H turned 3 in March it was like a switch flipped and an obstinate, boundary-pushing, bedtime-hating little stranger appeared. We’ve also been sick in waves, and none of us were getting any sleep for at least a couple of weeks.

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