So May was…eventful. We went to Mexico for a family vacation and celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary there. And while we were on the plane, I got a job offer. That I’ve accepted….

I’ve been freelancing for The Sweethome and The Wirecutter for a couple of years, and the company was bought by The New York Times last fall. And, I’ve accepted a job as a bed/bath staff writer for┬áThe Sweethome. I start in about a month, full time, but still working from home.

I am so, so excited!! I wasn’t expecting a full-time opportunity right now, and it’s just worked out perfectly. But it’s an adjustment, and right at the end of H’s school year. So, we’re busy around here! Paperwork, camp registrations, swim lessons, switching speech and OT around, finding a sitter, and all kinds of other stuff. But, it’s going to be fantastic. I just have to get organized. And maybe get some non-geek clothes again for staff meetings.