I wore real clothes this month! Lots of them. And a bunch of new dresses from Modcloth (love the cute prints) and eShakti (addicted to the custom sizing) that I bought for back to school.

Also, I went back to school.

That has been quite a ride, but a good one. September felt a little endless, to be honest. I had to get my sea legs back at work, and I also had to get used to only being there two days a week. Amazing for family life, but it’s taking me a long time to get the library set up the way I want it. I am weeding a ton of books. I need shelf space, and I don’t have all my systems organized the way I like them. Then we had Book Fair last week, which put everything else on hold for a bit.

But we are getting there, and I’m starting to see it coming together. And I’m trying to relax about my own deadlines and perfectionism about this stuff. We’ll get there in the end, I keep telling myself.

On top of all that, H had a new schedule to adjust to as well. She’s still at her Montessori school every morning, but now my mom picks her up on the days I work. On the days I don’t work, I pick her up and go straight to speech, feeding, or occupational therapy (I has all of the tireds). Except that my mom left on a Hawaiian cruise last Monday, so H’s been shuffled around between her dad working at home, a mom friend from her school picking her up, and staying at school for a full day. Seriously, it’s been a month.

Next Wednesday all returns to normal, and this child (she is truly a trouper with all these changes) will get to go back to her regularly scheduled programming. That will make me exhale quite a bit, and I can focus and move forward with more of my school plans.

I love October, and it’s going to be a great month. Yesterday I decided that the chaos and disorganization of September (I can’t remember the last time I did a load of non-toddler laundry) ends with the month. So, October will be a month of having it all together. Really, it will.