In all of the hectic life stuff going on around here this year, from preschool prep to my new job, a definite upside has been writing. I’ve started writing for Hello Giggles, and for an educational site called Noodle. I have another article in this month’s issue of NJ Monthly, and I have a piece coming out in next month’s Inside Jersey magazine, plus a quilt and another article heading to Generation Q this fall. And, I’m putting out some posts and articles that I’m really just super proud of.

I wrote this piece about guns and playdates for GeekMom this week, and I’m pretty proud of it. And I’m really proud of this Hello Giggles piece from a few weeks back on breast cancer survivors walking the runway during Pride weekend. One of the models is a friend of mine, and I was so excited to pitch this and work on it.


This is from my latest NJ Monthly article, in the July issue this month. The owner of this brow bar was actually marvelous and incredibly inspiring.

I’m working on a profile right now for a print magazine on an incredibly cool charity. I’m just digging my freelance work a lot lately, and I’m putting out some of my best-ever writing. It’s definitely been a high point of the year.