January brought its “A” game this year. It’s normally my least favorite month of the year; I’m over the snow and cold by month’s end, someone in the house almost always gets sick, and it just feels like it goes on forever. The bright spot exception is my very best good friend Laura Ann’s birthday, and I forgot it this year. Go home, January! You’re drunk!

januarysnowIt’s been snowing. Like, all the time.


Seriously, what is with all the snow?! We’ve had a few mild winters in a row now, and this year Mother Nature is letting us know that she has not forgotten about us. I mean, the 2″ of snow shutting down Hothlanta this week (hee, hee, Hothlanta–thanks, Adam!)? My college state is unrecognizable with all of the insane traffic photos.

Are we up to 2 or 3 separate polar vortexes (vortices?) so far? All I know is, it is damn cold. And, to make things even more fun, H had another bout with stomach flu. Did I even write about the first one? I think I was too busy posting delicious recipes and didn’t want to traumatize anyone with tales of stomach virus. But she got sick the first time the night after Boxing Day, and she stayed sick on and off for a few days. Two days into that episode, Adam caught the bug. He had a horrendous 24 hours, and I escaped unscathed.

Well, no such luck this time. H came home from school with a bug last Friday, and I caught it from her over the weekend. I’m tons better, but I still feel a little gross. Not something I want to relive at home again this winter.

hannahsickIsn’t this the saddest face ever? Little people are positively gut wrenching when they’re sick.

The good news is, the month had some huge highlights, too.

hannahbetterThis was H the very next day, a little tired but back to her awesome self.

studybuddyMy web design class is coming along really well, no thanks to my study buddy.

acanniversaryOkay, bigger excitement. January 16th was the 10th anniversary of my first date with Adam. We’ve been together for a decade now, and that is just mind-blowing. So we went back to Revel in Atlantic City for a night; this is the view from our room.

We (read: I) had this amazing, excessive meal at Mussel Bar, and I took terrible photos of it. So I’ll just tell you about it: I had this french onion soup fondue to start. It was diabolical, and too enormous for even a pair of people to finish. But by golly, it was heaven. And then I had this delicious Mediterranean mussels, sold by the pound, but I was too stuffed from fondue cheese to make it very far. It was so awesome, though, and there was much wandering of shady boardwalks and outlet malls at night. We also saw American Hustle, which was the most fun I’ve had at the movies in a while.

And now for the biggest excitement of the month.

GeekMom Editor

See where my name is now? I was asked to join the Content Team at GeekMom as an Editor!! I’m actually finishing my first week of being on call as a Content Editor (which means I schedule posts and look at the content of the site, asking writers for goodies if needed). I actually didn’t even notice this said Senior Editors until I was cropping the screen shot for this post. This is doubly awesome news. I did a chair dance when I got the email from Corrina, who is just so awesome I cannot even tell you guys. All of these women are, it’s such a cool environment to be growing in. Editors probably shouldn’t end sentences with prepositions like that, but what the hell?