So this year for my birthday, Adam gave me a gift certificate for a class at Pizza a Casa pizza school in Manhattan. I didn’t get a chance to use until a few weeks ago, as an end-of-the-school-year extravaganza. And it was awesome.

Oh, I recommend this pizza school. I came away with tons of information, and if I wasn’t trekking back to the Jersey shore on the train I would’ve walked away with a shiny new pizza stone, too. The staff and school were just the coolest.

We learned how to make homemade dough, thin crust vs. thicker crust, Italian vs. New York pizza. Here’s my NY before it went in the oven:


Nice! But they had some cool gourmet ingredients to experiment with. The other pizza I made was ricotta, brussels sprouts, and pancetta.


This was so much more awesome than I was expecting. I mean, honestly.

Plus, there was a mozzarella tasting! And we just ate pizza for 4 hours. Demo pizzas and then our own homemade ones.  The class is taught with home ovens instead of restaurant ovens so you learn how to replicate the results. It was such a great class!